Clone of ASCER Ceramics Chair

The ASCER Ceramics Chair belongs to a network of Chairs set up by the Spanish Ceramic Tile Manufacturers' Association (ASCER). It is housed within the UIC's School of Architecture under the leadership of the architect Dr. Vicenç Sarrablo and coordinated by architects and lecturers Cristina García-Castelao and Dr. Jordi Roviras.

Synergies have been formed between the university and the ceramic tile sector since this Chair was created, during the 2004-2005 academic year. On the one hand, the Chair allows the tile industry to incorporate greater technical knowledge of their product into the education of future architects, as well as knowledge of the enormous aesthetic and creative possibilities that ceramic tiles can provide for this professional collective. On the other hand, this knowledge will allow future architects to use ceramic material, either innovating with regards to existing formats, or developing new applications. This Chair allows contact to be established between architects and manufacturers.

The ASCER Ceramics Chair will ensure that traditional ideas about ceramic tiles will become diluted, and values linked to innovation, creativity and being at the cutting-edge in terms of this product will be projected instead. Not in a fanciful way, but because ceramic material and its possibilities allow for this. Ceramic tiles have many different facets and possibilities which still remain hidden, and for that reason we believe that this initiative is an excellent opportunity to discover them.

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