Santander IsFamily Chair

The Santander IsFamily Chair (Intergenerational Solidarity in the Family) is an initiative set up by the Institute for Advanced Family Studies in UIC Barcelona in cooperation with Banco Santander. This company was chosen due to its high level of commitment to the university world through Universia.

Directed by Dr Montserrat Gas and coordinated by Dr Rita Cavallotti, the aim of this Chair is to promote the family as an example of intergenerational solidarity which can reach a maximum level of efficiency and flexibility. The family is able to continuously adapt to change and also provide support to individuals.

The studies that will be carried out under the Chair-from a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary perspective- will consider the family to be a field in which resources are transferred between generations, focusing on three of its fundamental aspects. These aspects correspond to the Chair’s main lines of research: the economy, healthcare and caring for people, and finally education. The aim of the research will also be to propose social policies that will facilitate families being able to undertake these intergenerational processes.

The Santander IsFamily Chair therefor aims to create a large amount of knowledge and undertake actions that ensure that the potential that intergenerationalism represents in the family can become an agent of social change. It can therefore contribute to the development and implementation of a society in which there is a place for every generation and in which any individual will be able to play an active role, enjoying equality in terms of rights and opportunities, at all stages of their lives.

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