Real World Evidence Chair

The Real World Evidence Chair was set up by the Research Institute for Evaluation and Public Policies (IRAPP) at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya through cooperation with the department for access to the Sanofi market. Directed by Dr. Toni Mora, the main objective of the Chair is to identify research programmes that focus on evidence from clinical practice (Real World Evidence) that helps to understand health results better, as well as needs in the healthcare sector and those of patients.

Based on observational studies with real data taken from daily clinical practice, the Chair’s team of researchers will evaluate the costs of the illnesses, the efficiency of the treatment (costs, benefits and risks), the effectiveness of the different treatments and measure the results of the operations.  The data will be obtained from digital databases that will be duly anonymised.

The research programmes undertaken will be highly useful for people in charge of designing policies, decision-making strategies and planning budgets in the healthcare field, and also for the academic community and society in general.

Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company that researches, develops, manufactures and distributes treatment solutions with the aim of improving health and quality of life for the world’s population as a whole.