Childcare and Family Policies Chair

The Childcare and Family Policies Chair is an initiative of the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) in conjunction with the Joaquim Molins Figueras Foundation.

The aim of the Chair, directed by Dr Montserrat Gas, is to encourage analysis and disseminate new knowledge related to childcare and family policies. Due to the current situation affecting minors, in a context of profound family, educational and technological change, a thorough analysis must be performed in order to meet emerging challenges. The Chair addresses these challenges from the perspective of research, as a starting point for promoting education and raising awareness, as well as improving public childcare policies within the context of the family.

The Chair takes an interdisciplinary approach, given the complex nature of issues related to minors and the close interrelation between family, school and society.

TheJoaquim Molins Figueras Foundation promotes family values as a way of driving social and economic progress in our society. The Foundation focuses its efforts on providing assistance to institutions that champion the interests of families, particularly those that are vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion.

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