The new DECIDE Chair was created to generate knowledge in the field of nursing leadership, and is focused on health education and clinical safety for both professionals and patients.

On 21 May, UIC Barcelona and the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim combined their experience in nursing and innovation to create the DECIDE Chair .It is the first university-corporate chair focused on nursing leadership and training future professionals so they can improve the effectiveness of treatment for patients with chronic conditions. It will also centre on clinical safety by both the nurses and the patients themselves and their carers.

It is a reality that chronic diseases are having an ever increasing impact on our society, partly due to the increase in life expectancy and the adoption of new lifestyles in developed countries. One of the main strategies for tackling chronic conditions is training and educating patients for self-care, along with monitoring clinical safety. In this strategy, the role of nurses is fundamental.

In this context, UIC Barcelona, together with the pharmaceutical company Boehringer, is setting up this chair aimed at providing future nurses and healthcare professionals with the knowledge necessary for training patients, both in terms of health education and managing their treatment regime.

The new DECIDE Chair is led by Dr Encarna Rodríguez, Dr Mireia Llauradó and Dr Pilar Fuster, lecturers in the Nursing Department.