Bosch Aymerich Family Business Chair

The Bosch Aymerich Family Business Chair is a collaborative project between the Faculty of Law at UIC Barcelona and the Bosch Aymerich Foundation.

Directed by Dr Jordi de Juan, the Chair was created with the aim of investigating the issues involved in bequeathing family businesses from a legal perspective, and proposing legal reforms that will help strengthen their legal status, paying particular attention to the complexity of business succession. 

At present, family businesses represent 88.8 % of the country’s productive economy, 57.1 % of GDP and account for 66.7% of employment. A critical moment in their life cycle is succession, when different legal mechanisms, implemented to ensure a successful handover, are put to the test. For this reason, the Chair will study the legal security and intricacy of business succession from a civil, commercial and tax point of view, in order to avoid endangering the company’s survival.

The research project will be carried out in two phases: first, the group will analyse the current situation regarding family businesses in Spain and identify areas for improvement, after which they will proceed to study solutions adopted in other countries and evaluate the possibility of adapting them to the Spanish system.

The Bosch Aymerich Foundation aims to create, promote and organise activities of general interest, preferably within Catalonia, related to the arts, culture, science, sport, health, promoting quality of life among the elderly, training and education in youth leisure activities, architecture and urbanism.