Book presentation 'Creació i gestió d'empreses socials. Teoria i casos pràctics resolts'

Facultat de Ciències Econòmiques i Socials

The conference is dedicated to the presentation of the book Creation and management of social enterprises: theory and case studies, coordinated by professors Marta Mas-Machuca (UIC Barcelona), and Ramon Bastida-Vialcanet (BSM/UPF). The book consists of 8 chapters each of which includes a theoretical topic on Social Enterprise, and its application in a real case study, as well as a series of self-assessment questions that help evaluate the understanding of the chapter contents. This book is the result of a collaboration of 12 experts in Social Enterprise from 4 higher education entities. Its realization has been possible thanks to the financing through the program “Economia Social”, driven by The Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Ministry of Work and Social Economy of Spain, obtained in the framework of the project Aracoop.



 12.00 h - 12.10 p.m Welcome and opening

Nina Magovedova (UIC Barcelona)

 12.10 h - 12.20 p.m Book presentation Creació i Gestió d’Empreses Socials

Marta Mas (UIC Barcelona)

Ramon Bastida (UPF Barcelona School of Management)

 12.20 h - 12.30 p.m “Creation and management of social enterprises: fundamentals

Neus Vila (UIC Barcelona) 

 12.30 h - 12.40 p.m “Business models: Social needs and business opportunities

Blai Collado (Tandem Social)  

 12.40 h - 12.50 p.m “Evaluation and financing by Impact Investing

Yannis Pierrakis (UIC Barcelona)

12.50 h - 13.00 p.m Coffee Break

13.00 h - 13.15 p.m Raquel Díaz (Fundació Espigoladors)

13.15 h - 13.30 p.m Ana Artazcoz (Moltacte)

13.30 h - 13.55 p.m Q&A

13.55 h - 14.00 p.m Wrap-up

Nina Magovedova (UIC Barcelona)


The presentation will be streamed via the Collaborate platform.