Foros 2021 | Santiago Niño-Becerra: “Looking ahead to 2060”

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture Videoconference

On 10 February, the renowned economist Santiago Niño-Becerra will take part in Foros 2021, giving an online lecture titled “Looking ahead to 2060”

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“When the COVID-19 hit our human world at the end of 2019, economic and social development was primarily focused on how technology would affect the productive sectors, which indicated a fairly predictable trend. Given this more or less stable outlook, what can hindsight tell us about how the virus has affected us and our way of life?”, he asks. 

Full professor of Economics at Ramon Llull University, Santiago Niño-Becerra has written numerous books, such as El crash del 2010 (2009); La economía. Una historia muy personal (2015) and most recently Capitalismo (1679-2065), published in 2020. He also contributes to a host of national and international media and gives conferences in Spain and abroad. 

Under the title “Expectations”, Foros 2021 will open the floor to discussions on the reconstruction projects that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, across all areas of society, with a particular focus on architecture and urban planning.
Language: Spanish with a simultaneous English translation

Free access link: https://zoom.us/j/99716196036