Foros / BIODIG 2023: Fifth International Conference for Biodigital Architecture and Genetics

UIC Barcelona School of Architecture

30-31 March 2023

Onsite at UIC Barcelona (Aula Magna)

Carrer Inmaculada, 22, Barcelona

The International Conference on Biodigital Architecture and Genetics (BIODIG 2023) is an important forum for international, multidisciplinary and interorganisational scientific exchange on areas related to biodigital architecture and design.

The conference, which is organised every three, and Forums, UIC Barcelona annual series of conferences on architecture, come together this year in a major event on architecture from the biology and digital perspective.

BIODIG 2023 will bring together participants from different countries, firmly committed to the development of natural, computational, and pioneering solutions to solve society’s problems and promote sustainable ways of life that promote well-being.

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