The job Interview: Time to shine (Sesssion 2)


The goal of this session is to explain which good practices will help you highlight your strengths and sell yourself in your next interview. 

This session will be given in Spanish on 26 May from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. and will be streamed online.

We will look at the differences between an online interview and a video interview and offer practical tips on how to tackle them both successfully. Verbal and non-verbal language are both indispensable for transmitting a positive message. 

An interview is an experience that must be prepared for in three phases: before, during and after.

  • Before: Analyse and prepare 
  • During: Connect and communicate
  • After: Learn and follow up 

Speaker: Maite Ordoñez is a psychologist and certified coach (ICF) with extensive experience in a multinational environment specialising in talent development projects.

This session will be recorded and can be viewed via your Career Centre profile under Resources. 

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