New challenges, new answers: on pornography addiction

Institut d'Estudis Superiors de la Família Aula Magna. Campus Barcelona

Educational series: Healthy sexuality, strong bonds | Session 1

The Institute for Advanced Family Studies presents the educational series “Healthy sexuality, strong bonds”, aimed at families and education professionals.

The series will be held over three days, addressing one of the most relevant and urgent issues in education today: affective-sexual education. In collaboration with leading academic experts, the conference will provide tools to face the challenges that arise in this area.

The first, “New challenges, new responses: on pornography addiction”, will address the consequences, prevention and intervention of new emerging addictions, such as pornography and virtual sex.


9.00 a.m. - Reception

9.15 a.m. - Introduction | Session 1 What is addiction to pornography? Relevant data. Signs and red flags. Jorge Gutierrez, “Dale una vuelta” 

10.15 a.m. - Session 2 Pornography and gender María Contreras

11.00 a.m. - Q&A session

11.15 a.m. - Coffee break

11.40 a.m. - Prevention. Guidelines to prevent the use of pornography. Avoiding risky behaviour Cristina Delgado, Projecte Home

12.10 p.m. - Éxite Foundation: The pillars of intervention 

12.45 p.m. - Q&A session

13.00 p.m. - Lunch

14.15 p.m. - Intervention | How to approach a case at school: managers, teachers, parents and the affected person. Practical case. Carolina Lupo

15.15 p.m. - Q&A session

15.45 p.m. - Testimonial Foundation "Aprender a Mirar"

16.30 p.m. - Addiction | Session 1. Pornography, how to fight the new drug. Pablo Pons

17.15 p.m. - Session 2. Addiction to cyberporn. Detection and referral. Alejandro Villena

18.30 p.m. - Closing


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