Online presentation of the “Interreligious Guide to Good Practices in Climate Culture” and the Interreligious Manifesto on Climate Culture.

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The climate and healthcare crises have shown society that the serious problems our planet faces and faced by us all.  Faced with this, in religions of any type there are values that contribute towards mitigating and finding solutions for this critical situation. 

The UIC Barcelona Sustainability and Integral Education (SEI) research group, led by lecturer and researcher Dr Sílvia Albareda, which researchers from four different university institutions participate in, has produced the “Interreligious Guide to Good Practices in Climate Culture”, a publication that is part of a project funded by the Department of Religious Affairs in the Catalan Generalitat.

The aim behind the publication of the guide is to contribute by making what each and every one of the religions in Catalonia does to care for the planet more visible. In that sense, the guide aims to show that religious organisations are involved in a great deal of activities that contribute towards the development of a climate culture. Although different types of spirituality involve different beliefs, in practice there is a shared climate culture.

The guide will be presented on 25 February at 6 p.m. during a virtual event organised by UIC Barcelona, in which the following speakers will take part:

  • Sílvia Albareda. Researcher and coordinator of the SEI Research Group.
  • Antoni Matabosch. President of the Stable Work Group on Religions (GTER) of Catalonia.
  • Salvador Samitier. Head of the Catalan Office for Climatic Change of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Joan Hernàndez. Director of the Stable Work Group on Religions (GTER) of Catalonia.
  • Rosa Maria López. Head of research projects of the General Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Funded by:

Direcció d'Afers Religiosos de la Generalitat de Catalunya