Online seminar - “Helping to die, helping to live: Euthanasia in the eyes of the experts”

WeCare Chair Online

From the WeCare Chair we’d like to invite you to participate in a seminar called “Helping to die, helping to live: Euthanasia in the eyes of the experts” which will be held in a virtual format.

The main objective of the meeting is to reflect on the final stage of life, as well as explain and clarify concepts present in the current debate on passing the Spanish law on euthanasia. To do this, there will be participation from experts in cancer treatment, palliative care and bioethics:

Eduardo Bruera, Head of Palliative Care at MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston) and Professor and FT McGraw Chair in Cancer Treatment at the University of Texas (USA)

Rogelio Altisent, Vice-Chairman of the Bioethics Committee of WTO Spain

Jaime Boceta, Palliative Care physician and president of the Spanish Pain Society

Christian Villavicencio, medical director of Caredoctors

Natalia de Iriarte, medical director of the UIC Barcelona Cuides clinic

Cristina Monforte, director of the WeCare Chair

There are many sources of information in the society we live in, and in this context, it is essential to have rigorous and truthful information that helps us from our personal opinion. We invite you to participate in this meeting to hear opinions from experts at first hand.

Registration is free and you can sign up via this link