Report presentation: "La gestió de la cultura en temps de la COVID-19"

Saló de Graus

Covid-19 has generated an intense debate about the changes that the pandemic has made in culture and especially in terms of management. Moreover, issues such as governance and decision-making, financing, programming, production, marketing, changes in audiences and above all, the digitisation of cultural activity have been affected by the impact of the pandemic.

Dr Miquel Bastons, Dr Marta Crispí and Dr Judith Urbano are presenting their research project titled Report on Cultural Management during COVID-19, after conducting 29 interviews with different people with positions at public and private institutions with the intention of reaching different cultural sectors from different aspects.

The event will be led by Edgar García, director of ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Businesses). This will be a round table discussion with a glass of cava at the end of the event.

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