SIGraDi 2024 Biodigital Intelligent Systems

UIC Barcelona organizes the annual international conference of SIGraDi (Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics), on November 13, 14 and 15. For this congress, 623 abstracts have been presented, of which 355 have been selected. The event, sponsored by the Master's Program in Biodigital Architecture, has a series of workshops, conferences and colloquiums from the perspective of research, teaching and professional practice, in order to promote the dissemination and the exchange of ideas in the application of intelligent biodigital systems in the world of architecture, design and art.

UIC Barcelona (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), in its BiODiGITAL ARCHITECTURE & GENETICS (iBAG), has three fields of action: research, teaching, and professional practice. It all began in the year 2000, with the foundation by Alberto T. Estévez of the Research Group and Office of Genetic Architectures (research and professional practice), which leads the Master's in Biodigital Architecture (teaching), which also started in the year 2000, at ESARQ – UIC Barcelona, the School of Architecture founded by Alberto T. Estévez, its first Director.