Thesis defence: Èlia Bosch Rue

On-site and online attendance

Thesis title: Strategies to induce vascularization: angiogenesis stimulation and tissue engineering blood vessels

  • Doctoral candidate: Èlia Bosch Rue
  • Thesis supervisor: Dr Román Pérez Antoñanzas

Doctoral programme: Health Sciences (RD 99/2011)

Jury members:

  • President: Dr Marta Pegueroles Neyra (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
  • Chairperson: Dr Oguzhan Gunduz (Marmara University)
  • Secretary: Dr Miguel Angel Mateos Timoneda (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya)

*Anyone interested in attending the event either in person or online should send an email to the Doctoral School secretary: edoc@uic.es