Training webinar | Successfully prepare the elevator pitch of your CV


Have you stopped to think about how to explain and defend your professional profile to others to generate opportunities, in a clear and convincing way?

The introduction presentation is the main message, in a brief format, that will help you enhance your value. We live in a competitive world where we it becomes quite necessary to have a brief and concise presentation prepared about our differential value, what we bring to a job. When we least expect it, we will find ourselves face-to-face with the professional opportunity we are looking for.

In this online workshop, you will learn how to structure a short two-minute presentation about your professional goal.

What type of introduction requires an elevator pitch? How do we benefit from presenting our ideas clearly and concisely? How can I make my presentation and video more interesting, persuasive and engaging?

The session will be led by Ivo Gúell, academic collaborator and mentor in the ESADE Mentoring Programme, trainer and coach at Barcelona Activa in managerial skills and competencies in companies and institutions such as the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya, among others.
Would you like to improve your positioning and better convey your profile?  to sign Learn how to enhance your communication and clearly explain what you can add to a project or a company!