Specific objectives

  • Substrates for tissue regeneration
  • Biomolecule/Cell delivery systems
  • Cell therapy
  • Dental materials
  1. To understand the regenerative pathways of native tissues
  2. To design biomaterials in different forms, (mainly microspheres, porous scaffolds, fibres and hydrogels) to mimic the regenerative pathways of native tissues
  3. To tune the chemical and physical properties of biomaterials to direct stem cell fate
Objective 01
  1. To understand the signalling pathways and molecules involved in tissue regeneration
  2. To design and produce biomaterials that can release molecules in a sequential manner to mimic the natural pathways of natural tissue regeneration
  3. To design biomaterials for the delivery of therapeutic ions that may improve the regenerative potential compared to biomolecules
  4. To design and manufacture printable bioinks that may encapsulate cells
Objective 02
  1. To develop protocols that make it possible to differentiate cells through strategies that are more efficient than those currently in use
  2. To modulate the cell response through different molecules and/or ions.
Objective 03
  1. To design novel endodontic biomaterials
  2. To improve and design improved dental implants for improved ossointegration times
Objective 04