Master of Laws (LL. M.) a St. John's University

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Advantages of studying this programme

  • UIC Barcelona offers you a unique programme that will open the door for you to practice in the US.
  • You'll study at a prestigious US university located in Queens, New York.
  • You will have three programmes to choose from: the LL.M. in Bankruptcy degree program, the LL.M. in Transnational Legal Practice (TLP) and the LL.M. in U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Law School Graduates.
  • You'll receive personalised support and will attend hands-on classes given by the best practising lawyers.
  • You'll prepare for the bar exam that will allow you to practice law in the US.


UIC Barcelona offers students of the Bachelor's Degree in Law and the Master's Degree in the Legal Profession the opportunity to practice law in the US via an agreement with St John's University. The prestigious North American university has three programmes to choose from on its renowned Master of Laws (LL.M.), which prepares you for the New York Bar Association exam. Each option is a specialisation master.

Based on hands-on learning, the LL.M. at St John's University is taught by the most experienced academics and practising lawyers in New York, whom UIC Barcelona students will allow have access to thanks to this agreement between both universities.


Studying UIC Barcelona's Bachelor's Degree in Law or Master's Degree in the Legal Profession opens the door for you to study the LL.M. at Saint John's University, New York.

For an entire academic year, you will study this programme that will allow you to practice law in the US after you pass the bar exam. The programme is also an internationally recognised master's degree (Master of Laws). Very few Spanish universities have direct access to such an agreement.

The US university also gives UIC Barcelona students the option to do a course prior to the LL.M. on legal English for foreigners, "English for American Law School", which will better prepare you for the qualifying process and the bar exam.

Prerequisites & admissions

Application for admission

You can submit your application for admission from UIC Barcelona.


Maria Mut


Who for

Students of UIC Barcelona's Bachelor's Degree in Law or Master's Degree in the Legal Profession

Entrance criteria

  • Have a Bachelor's Degree in Law or Master's Degree in the Legal Profession from UIC Barcelona.
  • Accredit having a proficiency level of English: 100 TOEFL or 7.0 IELTS.*
  • Submit a cover letter and two letters of recommendation.
  • Pass an interview with the head of the LL.M. programme at St John's.

* Students with a TOEFL score of between 85 and 99 may be admitted at the discretion of St John's University on the condition that any such students register and successfully complete the English for American Law School course (given in July).

Grants & financial aid

St John's University offers UIC Barcelona students and recent graduates a 40% discount on the full fees published for each academic year.


Information and Admissions
Marta Subiñas
Phone number / WhatsApp: +34 651 82 61 57