International Excellence Scholarships (International students)​​​​​​​

*Pending regulatory approval for the coming 2023-2024 academic year.

These grants cover 20 % of the tuition fees across all years.

The grant programme is supported by the UIC Barcelona grant fund and, in this edition, is offered to international students.

Talented students, who have a clear vocation for one of the UIC Barcelona degree programmes, not including our bachelor’s degrees in Dentistry and Medicine. 


The final resolution of the International Grants for Academic Excellence is the exclusive responsibility of UIC Barcelona and the date the grants will be announced is 26 May, 2021.

For further information

Caterina Reig
Head of International Promotion
Tel.: +34 651 82 63 77

Terms and conditions of the call (2021-2022 academic year)

The number of grants is limited.

The following requirements are necessary to access the call, but do not guarantee the grant will be awarded:

Academic requirements

To have an average of 8 from your 1st year of upper secondary education  (your marks will be converted to the Spanish system by the Promotions and Admissions Department at UIC Barcelona).

To pass the UIC Barcelona specific exam.

Other requirements

To have passed the UIC Barcelona admission process, and once admitted, have paid to reserve a place to qualify for the grant.

Procedure and deadlines

You must fill in the online application for admission and submit the requested documentation via the personal admission portal.

Due to COVID-19, entrance examinations will be taken online.

You can apply for grant for the following degree programmes:

  • Audiovisual Communication
  • Journalism
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Humanities
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Bioengineering
  • Biomedicine
  • Psychology
  • Education

Grant renewal

To renew your International Academic Excellence Grant, for the following academic year, it is essential to have passed all subjects and have achieved a 7 for your average mark.

In addition, students who obtain an International Academic Excellence Grant (BEI) will have to work for 15 hours per year on the tasks they are appointed by their specific department.

These hours can be concentrated on specific activities or distributed throughout the year according to the needs of each department.