Rosetta Stone is an online language self-study platform. 

Work independently and at your own pace and receive immediate feedback on your exercises. 

You can download Rosetta Stone on your mobile or tablet to study anywhere, any time. Plus, with the offline mode, you can download the material and work without needing to be online.


  • There are two programmes: Foundations, for the initial levels A1 and A2, and Fluency Builder, for the advanced levels B1, B2 and C1.
  • 24 languages in Foundations and 6 languages in Fluency Builder.
  • Each level comprises 150 hours of online work, 20 units and various topics of your choice. 
  • Activities to improve the four language skills: reading and listening comprehension and oral and written expression.
  • Setting objectives and continuous assessments that pose challenges and engage the student in the learning process.
  • Advanced speech recognition technology. 
  • Seek & Speak technology that lets you personalise learning with audios and photographs of real-life objects.
  • Account activation through your mobile, tablet or PC in a simple and effective way.
  • Option of working offline.

Two programmes

Foundations: Initial levels A1 and A2
Foundations: Initial levels A1 and A2
24 languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English (American), English (British), Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
  • Immersion-based, communicative method.
  • Learn through context and problem-solving.
  • Activities focus on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Varied subjects, from “Meeting people” to “Business and Industry.”
Fluency Builder: Advanced levels B1, B2 and C1
Fluency Builder: Advanced levels B1, B2 and C1
Six languages: English (American), English (British), French, German, Italian, Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish (Spain).
  • Learning through the achievement of objectives.
  • All skills are worked on: reading and listening comprehension and oral and written expression.
  • The learning materials are varied and include texts, videos, audios and pictures of real situations.
  • This programme incorporates specific topics for communication, presentations, business, computing, customer service, medicine, economics, law, tourism and much more.


  • Student level testing. According to your level, you are placed in the correct programme and level.
  • Access to the platform for one language and level for a period of 6 months.
  • Evaluation of objectives and desired pace, to ensure a good balance between challenge and commitment.
  • Voice recognition helps you perfect your pronunciation.
  • Oral and written expression activities graded by experts with personalised comments. 
  • Contents on specialist language.
  • Audio and audiovisual content give you access to resources on culture, history, geography, business, industry and much more.
  • The offline mode allows you to select and download units to complete without the need to be online. You can study wherever you want and whenever you want. 

What does UIC Barcelona offer you?

Individual follow-up and assistance

You will receive a welcome email and individual follow-up as you progress through the course. In addition, we are here to answer your queries or help with any questions or issues you may have regarding the course. 

Certificate of completion and Credit recognition

If you are a UIC Barcelona bachelor’s degree student and have completed the equivalent of 50 hours of study on the platform, you will receive a certificate of achievement and recognition of 2 ECTS credits to validate as optional subjects. Also, if you are an Erasmus student, you can add this course to your Learning Agreement and receive recognition of 5 ECTS credits.

Practical information

Length of course

6-month licence with free access for language and level

  • 1st semester: 1 October to 31 March
  • 2nd Semester: 1 April to 15 September

Enrolment period 

  • 1st semester: 1 to 29 October
  • 2nd Semester: 1 to 30 March

Price: € 75



System requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher
  • Mac (Intel processor only): OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion (OS X 10.6 or higher)
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768
  • High-speed internet connection 
  • Headphones with microphone

Contact us

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