SICUE National Mobility Programme

What is it?

The SICUE programme allows students at UIC Barcelona to study at another Spanish University that has an agreement with UIC Barcelona.

For how long?

From one semester to a full academic year

Is it funded?


What are its advantages?

The main advantages include:

  • Recognition at UIC Barcelona of the courses undertaken in the host university
  • Administrative benefits (student insurance and free enrolment at most host universities)

Where can I go?

UIC Barcelona has SICUE exchange agreements with other universities in Spain. Check out the list of available destinations and universities at your faculty.

Why participate?

It has been proven that students who participate in international mobility are more and better prepared to face the current and future global world. Check out the advantages of international mobility..

  1. Increase your professional perspectives and employability in other cities in Spain
  2. Expand your networks and personal and professional contacts
  3. Enhance your personal skills and ability to adapt by getting out of your habitual environment
  4. It gives you a different view than the one you generally get with your university, teaching staff and classmates

What documents do I need to apply for?

Before submitting the mobility application via the Relint 2.0 programme, as explained in the Administration Process, you must prepare the following documentation:

For more information, please contact the International Relations Service