Admission tests

The entrance examinations will be taken on the corresponding campus, depending on degree programme.

Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Bioengineering, Biomedical Sciences and Pre-Primary and Primary Education
Sant Cugat Campus

Architecture, Humanities, Law, Business Administration and Management (ADE), Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Journalism
Barcelona Campus - Alfa and Beta Buildings

Written test (mornings), Sant Cugat Campus

It is essential to complete the admission application and to upload the Documentation to the admissions portal. These documents can be uploaded from the time you submit your application.

Those interested in studying at UIC Barcelona (except those who want to study Medicine, which involves specific tests) will have to pass the entrance examinations consisting of:

  • A psychometric general intelligence test
  • A general culture test
  • An English language test
  • An interview with a director of the chosen degree programme.
  • A specific  drawing and mathematics test for Architecture degree programmes
  • A specific mathematics test for Business Administration and Management degree programmes
  • A specific text analysis for Humanities & Cultural Studies degree programmes
  • A specific test for Dentistry degree programmes if applying from a CFGS
  • A specific test for Nursing degree programmes if applying from a CFGS
  • A specific grammar and spelling test for Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations and Journalism degree programmes
  • A Catalan test for Pre-Primary and Primary Education degree programmes

Anyone who has taken the bachelor’s degree entrance exams can view the results online approximately ten working days following the sitting.

At the same time, those admitted will have access to an online PDF/admission letter, where they will be officially informed of the result of the admission process and the steps to follow for enrolment.

If you wish to apply to two or more degree programmes:

  • Online registration for each of the selected degree programmes.
  • Payment of fees for processing your academic records.
  • Submission of a single documentation.
  • Completion of the entrance exams for each of the degree programmes you wish to take.

Students from outside the European Union

Candidates from outside the European Union will be given the chance to take the entrance exam online*.

The entrance examination will involve:

  • A psychometric general intelligence test
  • A written test
  • A general culture test
  • An English test
  • An interview

(*) Candidates applying for the Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine must attend the UIC Barcelona entrance examinations in person.