Actress and singer Nina is special guest at the tenth Nursing graduation ceremony

Speech therapist Anna Maria Agustí, popularly known as Nina, singer and actress who was director of Operation Triunfo, was the special guest of the tenth graduation of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. The graduation ceremony took place last Saturday, 11 June, in the Aula Magna of the Barcelona Campus

“There are moments that you remember all your life,” Nina began. The actress quoted a song from the 80s, by composers and lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman.  She continued: “There are moments that you wait for and dream about all your life. This is one of those moments.” The moment when a new graduating class of UIC Barcelona students graduated and said farewell to their university years. The first year “that has worked on competence in nurse leadership” according to Pilar Fuster, assistant director of the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

As always, the event was both festive and solemn, including speeches from student representatives, from lecturer Daniel Arbonés, who reminded them that “you have just taken on a great responsibility”, and from the director of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Cristina Monforte. However, the main attraction was Nina, the special guest of this graduation.

The actress addressed the former students and explained that “science and art will be present in equal measure in your day-to-day, in dealing with people who will have to trust you with their health. It is also present in the relationship with colleagues and teammates. Science because it gives us the knowledge and the method; art because it shows our creative, curious and courageous side. Listening, observing, guiding, taking action: these are verbs that you will often have to conjugate with your treatment of others, especially with those who put their health in your hands”.

Nina encouraged new graduates to “keep today’s dream alive. It should be a flame that is always burning in a hidden corner of your heart."

In the closing address, the Director of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme, Cristina Monforte, assured them, “Society needs committed professionals: advocates for the sick. Let us look them in eye, let us defend them, let us be there for them and their families. When the sick person has nothing left, they still have us: professionals and, above all, humans.”