The Barraquer Foundation and UIC Barcelona commit to supporting talent with the creation of the Dr Joaquin Barraquer Moner grants

UIC Barcelona has signed a collaboration agreement with the Barraquer Foundation, a point of reference in the field of ophthalmology, to create the Dr Joaquin Barraquer Moner Grants, expanding the University’s grant and financial aid programmes

Both entities are thus combining their resources to support talent and promote equal opportunities among future doctors. From the 2023-2024 academic year onwards, students in the second and third year of their bachelor’s degree in Medicine with a good academic record and with limited financial resources will be able to apply for two annual grants that will help them cover part of the tuition fee. This grant will be automatically renewed until the end of the degree, provided that the student maintains the same level of academic excellence.

Alfonso Méndiz, rector of UIC Barcelona, Dr Rafael I. Barraquer Compte, president of the Barraquer Foundation, and Dr Albert Balaguer, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, were present at the signing of the agreement. “At the Barraquer Foundation we are committed to people, and we support collaborative projects with entities with whom we share values such as solidarity, equality or respect, as is the case of UIC Barcelona”, said Dr Barraquer at the time of signing. For his part, Dr Méndiz thanked the foundation for its contribution and its commitment to the quality and humanistic training of future doctors.

With this agreement, the grants and financial aid programme of the University #NingunTalentoSinFuturo, which currently amounts to 6.3 million euros, will be augmented.



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