Dr Uciel Chorostecki, Ramón y Cajal grant recipient, joins the Department of Basic Sciences

Researcher, specialist in biosciences and biotechnology, joins UIC Barcelona thanks to the prestigious grant from the Ministry of Science and Innovation 

Uciel Chorostecki, PhD in Biological Sciences and specialist in Biosciences and Biotechnology, joins the Department of Basic Sciences at UIC Barcelona to study the evolution and structure of non-coding RNA in animals, plants, and fungi.

Holding a degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina), Chorostecki went on to do a postdoctoral research project at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) and the Institute of Biomedicine Research (IRB), and has recently received the Ramón y Cajal Grant awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for young researchers in the 2021 call. 

In addition to his experience as researcher, he has also taught for more than 10 years and has advised graduate and postgraduate students from different fields. In 2021, he founded Kresko RNATech, a startup company for nutritional and cosmetic products based on regulatory RNAs. 

With Uciel Chorosteki , the Department  of Basic Sciences now has four researchers from the Ramón y Cajal grant programme: Román Pérez, director of the Bioengineering Institute of Technology and from UIC Barcelona Bachelor’s Degree in Bioengineering; Adam Ranson, head of the Cortical Circuits Research Group; and Roni Wright, also awarded the CaixaResearch Validate grant for her research on an effective treatment in aggressive breast cancer.


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