Entrepreneur Lajos Darvas combines humanism and technology in the 2023 SAC opening session, ‘Caring for the Future’

The Leading entrepreneur in innovation and businesses with long-term impact, Lajos Darvas, presided over the opening session of the Student Academic Conference (SAC 2023), titled “Caring for the Future”, held at UIC Barcelona Saló de Graus on Saturday, 23 October. About fifty students and teachers attended the opening ceremony, where the conference structure and key dates for the submission of projects were presented.

The opening session of this year’s conference, “Caring for the Future”, developed by and for students, began with the students on the organising committee: Eugenia Urgellés and Javier Díez, who briefly presented the SAC format, both the methodology and the conference calendar, which will be carried out throughout the academic year until the final phase in March. 

After the students completed their presentation, Businessperson Lajos Darvas gave a speech titled “Person, Technology and Humanism.” He commented, “in thirty years, we have gone from calling from a landline to having everything in the cloud.” Lajos Darvas began the session, making clear that the changes that are coming in the work world in the upcoming years will not be small ones. He insisted, “my generation has experienced the third industrial revolution; and that being the case, what will you experience in the next twenty years? Many companies that were active, no longer exist.”
In this scenario, Darvas was not wanting to instil fear, quite the opposite, “to me, what we see taking place is a positive thing if you take advantage of it to continuously be renewing and training yourself to be people with standards. In other words, read a lot and train in leadership.”

That is why, more and more, companies hire philosophers, “and pay them the same; because today's programmers are capable of organising processes and robotising them, but they cannot see the person.” He concluded, “That is why I am telling you that if you train in humanism to become leaders and are good in the technological field in your profession, you will have succeeded. Otherwise, if you are deficient in either of these two areas, you will be lacking.”

In essence, this is the answer to the question Darvas asked at the beginning of his speech: “What added value will you provide?” This session began the new edition of the SAC that this year, revolves around taking care of the present, in order to have a better future. 

The final conference, where all participants will present their paper or poster, will take place on 3 and 4 March 2023.