The Faculty of Humanities inaugurates a new edition of the lecture series with Cases Singulars

With the lecture “Urban planning in Barcelona: past, present and future,” UIC Barcelona is celebrating World Urban Planning Day with the aim of reflecting on the problems cities in our society have

The UIC Barcelona Faculty of Humanities celebrated World Urban Planning Day with the lecture “Urban Planning in Barcelona: past, present and future,” which was held on 8 November, in face-to-face and online format, with the collaboration of the Cases Singulars project, thus initiating a new lecture cycle this academic year.

This year's edition was inaugurated by Dr Alberto Estévez, lecturer for the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, who introduced the lectures on Cerdà’s Plan for Barcelona, and how it was implemented in the city. The report dedicated to the urban planning of Barcelona led to an interactive debate toward the new urban updates, which reframed a new organisation of the city of Barcelona.

During the event, a comparison was made between the positive and the negative of the present city from different urban designs over the centuries: Le Corbusier’s functional city, Hilberseimer’s vertical city, the Bohigas’s Olympic city, the smart and biodigital city .

The series ended with attractive proposals on the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations in recent years, to make Barcelona a city capable of solving environmental and social problems.

You can watch the conference again on the University's YouTube channel.