The Iberoamerican Work Challenge Forum explores the future of youth employment with the participation of business leaders from around the world

UIC Barcelona was one of the twelve universities to help organise the event, which was attended by more than three thousand people

The Iberoamerican Work Challenge Forum, the first youth employment meeting led by twelve universities from around the world, was held online from 13 to 15 April. UIC Barcelona took part as one of the organising institutions, led by the Alumni & Careers and Corporate Development department.  Over the course of the three-day Forum, some one hundred business leaders and experts from the world of work addressed the challenge of finding employment for the youngest working members of our society. 

The event began on 13 April with a talk by Juan Torroba, CEO and co-founder of BeWanted, titled “Buscar trabajo no debería ser un trabajo” (‘Looking for work should not be a job’), in which he stressed how “in a job interview, candidates should show their potential employer that what they’re offering is precisely what the business is looking for”. CEO and president of Hyundai Motor Mexico, Claudia Márquez, gave a lecture titled “Los pilares en los que se sustenta el éxito personal y profesional” (‘The cornerstones of personal and professional success’), emphasising that “as a leader, it is your responsibility to adapt to others, not the other way around”. Santiago Garcia, co-founder of the Future for Work Institute, gave a talk titled “Los jóvenes y el futuro del trabajo” (‘Youth and the future of work’) in which he urged young people to “cultivate their social capital and networks in order to boost their professional development and become more employable.” Cristina de Parias, board member at BBVA Mexico, closed the first day of the event with a lecture titled “Cada día tiene su afán” (‘Each day is a new opportunity to succeed’), in which she highlighted the value of humility, honesty, commitment, perseverance and courage in the workplace. 

The following day, 14 April, featured two round table discussions and several seminars by speakers including Rebeca Marciel, consulting director of Microsoft Spain; Francisco Fernández, director of Human Resources for Atlético de Madrid; Alfonso Sánchez Tabernero, rector of the University of Navarra and Martín Ticinese, president of Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes. The second day of the event also included a Panel of Female Leaders, moderated by Ivette Calvet, director of Cia de Talentos and featuring Natalia Spicker, president of SheWorks!, Claudia de la Riva, CEO of Nannyfytv, and Lorena Ponce de León, First Lady of Uruguay. 

The event came to a close on 15 April with several sessions aimed at professionals working in human resources led by Sebastian Lorca, director of the Alumni and Career Services at Universidad de los Andes (Chile); Francisco García Cabello, CEO of Foro Recursos Humanos; Javier Sánchez Lamelas, founder and CEO of Top Line Marketing Consulting and Patricia Lajara, head of Human Resources for Ralph Lauren in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

The Iberoamerican Work Challenge Forum was a free event, and was streamed by more than three thousand people over the course of the three days.