Launch of "Social Doers", a campaign that encourages UIC Barcelona students to get involved in volunteering and solidarity activities

The initiative was officially unveiled it by the University Students for Solidarity Service at information points located around both University campuses

On Thursday, 7 October, the Welcome Social Doers event was held, a face-to-face event to publicise the "Social Doers" initiative designed by the UIC Barcelona University Students for Solidarity Service.

At the information points located at the entrances of our Barcelona Campus and Sant Cugat Campus, staff members from the Service and volunteers invited students to fill out a form to become Social Doers.

The Social Doers concept refers to people in the UIC Barcelona community who want to find out about and get involved in initiatives, campaigns and solidarity activities organised by the University throughout the year. As explained by the director of Student Services, Roser Santigosa, "A Social Doer is a person who seeks out and generates happiness by getting involved and taking part in solidarity projects." This is made evident in the manifesto for this initiative. The campaign highlights the idea that being supportive involves engaging in activities to promote solidarity.

The Welcome Social Doers session, an activity that began at 9 a.m. and ended at 3.30pm, attracted the attention of a large number of students, and a total of 198 have already signed up for the initiative and have now become Social Doers.

By signing up, Social Doers will receive information via email about the opportunities to volunteer offered by the Solidarity Service, the various social aid campaigns that have been set up and the activities to raise awareness that are being organised by the University so that they can participate actively in the ones they prefer.

This new project kicks off this academic year with the ultimate aim of gaining volunteers who are committed to solidarity and willing to receive notifications when there is a need for volunteers. The campaign, therefore, sets out to be a call to action.

Find our further information about the University Students for Solidarity Service, activities, volunteering, and solidarity campaigns here.

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