Marta Trapero, new member of the Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Provision Financing

Marta Trapero, director of the Research Institute for Evaluation and Public Policies, was recently appointed as member of the Spanish National Health System's Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Provision Financing by the Ministry of Health.

This committee seeks to provide advice, assessment and consultation regarding the relevance, improvement and monitoring of the economic evaluations required to support the decisions of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Drug Prices.

It will also advise the ministerial body responsible for pharmaceutical provision from the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare as to measures for improving and monitoring the economic evaluation of medicinal products.

According to the agreement of the Council of Ministers that created this committee, members must be renowned professionals with a certified track record and experience in pharmacoeconomic evaluations. In addition to Dr Trapero, the committee’s tasks will be carried out by members that include two other health economists, a physician and three hospital pharmacists.