Meeting between primary and secondary school students and members of the Research Group on Sustainability and Comprehensive Education at UIC Barcelona

The University’s Aula Jardí recently hosted an event between young people and researchers with a view to reflecting on what has been done at schools during the 2021-2022 school year and designing teaching tools aimed at heightening environmental awareness during the rest of the year

Members of the Faculty of Education Sciences’ Research Group on Sustainability and Comprehensive Eduation (SEI) at UIC Barcelona, in conjunction with the Barcelona Justice and Peace Association and students from a number of schools, including Col·legi Montserrat, Col·legi Sant Gabriel Barcelona, Col·legi Sant Gabriel Ripollet, Col·legi Sant Gabriel San Adrià, Institut Bernat Metge and Col·legi Mare de Déu dels Àngels, met on 4 April in the Aula Jardí at UIC Barcelona to reflect on what has been done at schools during the 2021-2022 school year and design educational tools for heightening environmental awareness during the rest of the year.

The meeting was also organised as part of the e(CO)4 Project, financed by the Barcelona City Council, in which the SEI, the association and the above-mentioned schools are also involved. The aim of this project is to develop a shared virtual platform called the eCOMeter (CO)4, which makes it possible to measure the degree of awareness, coherence, commitment and constancy in terms of global justice in aspects related to diet, housing, clothing and personal appearance, mobility and leisure.

The e(CO)4 Project is a groundbreaking initiative that involves both the network of schools and educational institutions (primary and secondary schools, universities, recreational areas, summer camps, NGOs, etc.) and researchers from different academic fields. The aim of the meetings between the members of these collectives is to understand, generate and disseminate an interreligious and interconvictional movement of e(CO)4 young people committed to global justice.

Last Monday’s session was organised in a dynamic, light-hearted manner. The main activity and the one which sparked the greatest interest among participants was “the awareness game”. Furthermore, based on a series of practical situations, both the students and researchers from UIC Barcelona had the opportunity to learn about and share various methodologies and ways for raising awareness through changes in habits and mindset, overcoming resistance and tools for change, which may be subsequently applied in both the classroom and the participants’ daily lives.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)