More than 400 people participate in #UICsocialday

#UICsocialday, the day of possible missions, returned to UIC Barcelona on both the Barcelona and Sant Cugat campuses for a second edition. The awareness-raising campaign, aimed at the whole university community, involved participation from more than 400 people including students, and PAS and PDI members who wanted to contribute to one of the six missions available:  Breakfast for Everyone, Sweet Wishes, Do-re-mi, Bingo!, Fun and Golden Goal.  The idea was to make life a little easier for people with difficulties and to transmit the joy of being able to give them our time. 

On 7 March and thanks to the participation of more than 60 students who were supervising, all of the possible missions were achieved: preparing 120 breakfasts for homeless people — which were handed out the next day, along with Assis Refuge —, for the Breakfast for Everyone mission.  500 bracelets made of sweets were created for women at risk of social exclusion and female prison inmates, along with Fundación Ared, for the Sweet Wishes mission. A company called Disgo provided the material:  more than 500 sweet “watches” and strawberry laces. 

The atmosphere at #UICsocialday was also improved with music for the Do-re-mi mission.  Participants had the opportunity to spend some time with older people in the Parc Guinardó and Centre de Dia Badia del Vallès care homes: and this was the Bingo! Mission.  The musical repertoire was created by the choir from our Sant Cugat campus.

For the Fun mission, participants spent some time with people who have intellectual disabilities. They played boules, went for a walk around the building’s facilities and participated in DIY workshops at the Finestrelles Foundation. The Golden Goal mission involved playing football with children in the Raval neighbourhood and with people with intellectual disabilities who are being helped by the Braval Foundation. 

“We do not have to do something impossible to help those who need it, nor do we need to travel to the other side of the world. It is enough that people can give 10 minutes of their time to do something for others”, said Isabel Trigo, who was in charge of coordinating #UICsocialday this year.