A new Board of Directors for the Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought’s new Board of Directors, which has presided since the start of the current academic year, was presented during the general assembly last July. Andrea Rodríguez Prat, until recently the Deputy Director, has replaced Josep Corcó as the new Director, with Miquel Bastons as Assistant Director.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Thought (CIP) is an academic centre at UIC Barcelona that aims to promote general cross-disciplinary education for both students and teaching staff in various fields of knowledge. It performs an interdisciplinary, inter-faculty and cross-cutting function within the institution and was created to encourage reflection on the University’s mission and on the implications of its Christian identity.

Thanks to the CIP’s training programme, all students who study at UIC Barcelona will leave with a versatile profile, having acquired skills such as critical thinking and the ability to see problems from a more holistic perspective.

Sitting on the new Board are Andrea Rodríguez Prat and Miquel Bastons, as Director and Assistant Director, respectively; Íñigo Ugalde and Remei Agulles as Deputy Directors, and Empar Lorda as Office Manager.