Over two thousand people celebrate the opening of UIC Barcelona’s 25th anniversary year with a mass at the Sagrada Família

The mass was celebrated by Ignasi Font, regional vicar of Opus Dei in Catalonia and Andorra, who was accompanied by twenty clergy members. The ceremony inaugurated the “silver anniversary” celebrations of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. It was on the 2 October 1997 when the Official Journal of the Generalitat de Catalunya published the approval of the university

The Gaudí basilica may be immense, but the temple was full with nearly 2,500 people who attended the mass last Sunday, 2 October, at 6.00 p.m.

It was the first of the planned events to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. The rector of the Sagrada Família Basilica, Father Josep Maria Turull spoke about the young university, saying, “the first of many, with a job well done, just as Saint Josemaría Escrivá taught you.” The parish priest also conveyed greetings from Monsignor Juan José Omella, Archbishop of Barcelona.

During the homily, Father Ignacio Font praised this first act of celebration, paraphrasing the words of Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI during the consecration of Gaudí's temple. " At a time when mankind is building a life without God, as if God had nothing to say to him, there is great meaning in opening the commemorative events of the 25th anniversary of this university with a eucharist mass in the Basilica of the Sagrada Família.”

The vicar referred to the fact that the commencement of the university coincided with the feast of the Àngels Custodis, the anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei. “Those men and women had faith, and saw it as a providential fact that the Official Journal of the Generalitat published the approval of the UIC, their university, precisely on 2 October 1997.”

In addition to Alfonso Méndiz, current rector, all former rectors of UIC Barcelona, and in memory, Jordi Cervós, who died in November 2021, were present at the ceremony along with members of the University Board, the University Advisory Council and teachers, staff, students and alumni from university community, as well as family, friends and rectors from other Catalan universities.

This mass officially inaugurates the commemorative events of the 25th anniversary of UIC Barcelona. The next event will take place this Thursday, 6 October, another joyous coincidence: the first day of class, 6 October 1997.