Pilar Fernández Bozal and Jordi de Juan will be part of the Foment del Treball tax expert group on the taxation of Catalonia

The expert group will prepare a report to analyse Catalan taxation to improve the competitiveness of our economy

On 6 March, Foment del Treball brought together a tax expert group on the Catalan taxation, which included Ms Pilar Fernández Bozal, dean of the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Law, and Dr Jordi de Juan, lecturer for the Faculty of Law and director of Bosch Aymerich Family Business Chair.

The purpose of this project is to analyse the general taxation in Catalonia, in addition to addressing the approach that relationship between the Tax Agency and the taxpayer should take and to study the relationship of public expenses and revenues. This aims to increase the territory’s competitiveness and contribute to increasing wealth and social cohesion.

In the words of the Catalan Employers Association (CECOT) president, Josep Sánchez Llibre, the intention is to create “a G-50 that will analyse the taxation of the Catalan people and businesses.” To this end, a team has been put together that has more than 40 tax professionals and that can be considered an offensive against the current tax model in Catalonia, much more disadvantageous than that of other territories in Spain.

Over the next eight months, Ms Fernández Bozal and Dr De Juan will work together with the rest of experts in the presentation of a green book with proposals for changes to be made in both Catalonia’s own taxes and assigned taxes, in addition to fees and public spending, with the focus on the Catalan Tax Agency and public spending.