Professor Jordi Rello, recognised among the most outstanding researchers worldwide in the field of medicine

Dr Rello has entered the Ranking of the best researchers in the field of medicine that is published by Reasearch.com, in which he has ranked 18 among the 239 national researchers for his work focused on intensive medicine, internal medicine and pneumonia, and has received the Medicine Leader Award 2023

Dr Jordi Rello is among the best scientists in the field of medicine worldwide according to the Ranking of the best researchers in medicine prepared by the leading academic research portal, Research.com. The second edition of the annual best medicine scientists ranking presents the list of the 2,000 most outstanding scientists for their influential contributions to research carried out in medicine.

At the national level, Dr Jordi Rello ranks 18th among the 239 Spanish researchers, and first in the intensive medicine specialty. His most cited works focus on internal medicine, intensive care and infectious diseases such as pneumonia. Moreover, the UIC Barcelona Professor of Medicine has been recognised with the Medicine Leader Award 2023 in Spain for his innovative scientific contributions in the intensive care specialty.

According to the second edition of the Ranking, Rello stands out with 763 publications and 49,550 citations. The professor of the Department of Medicine and professor of the UIC Barcelona Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine is also head of the Clinical Research/Innovation in Pneumonia & Sepsis (CRIPS) group at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital Research Institute (VHIR) and of the Respiratory Diseases Networking Biomedical Research Centre Node 18.

The criteria used by Research.com, the leading academic platform for researchers, to include scholars in the ranking of the best scientists are based on the discipline’s h-Index, the proportion of contributions made within a specific discipline, and the scientist’s awards and achievements.

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