Researcher Janine Knight implements a teaching innovation project between the Faculty of Education Sciences and the Àngel Baixeras Public School in Barcelona

Students from the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Education Sciences have created pictorial and oral dictionaries with year-six primary school children from the Àngel Baixeras School.

Students from the University's Faculty of Education Sciences have participated in a teaching innovation project to create nine pictorial and oral dictionaries with a year-six primary school class at the Àngel Baixeras School in Barcelona.

The objective of the project is to boost the intercultural and multilingual competencies of teachers and has been funded by the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust (ASHET), through the competitive research competition Dictionary Research Awards Scheme (ASHDRA).

As part of the project, bachelor's degree students worked at the school for six weeks, and then six weeks at the University, where they designed and created teaching resources and reflected on the process and outcomes of the project.

UIC Barcelona students also got a first-hand look at the highly diverse cultural and linguistic nature of many of Barcelona's schools, and primary school students had the opportunity to show off their mother tongues.

The project has been led by researcher Janine Knight from the Department of Applied Linguistics, and Joana Puig, lecturer at the Àngel Baixeras School in Barcelona.

The project serves as an innovative example for other schools in Barcelona, and the results will be publicised in research publications as well as on the ASHDRA Hornby website.


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