Researchers from UIC Barcelona edit a book on the Basilica of Santa Maria in Igualada

Coordinated by the Vic Diocese, the volume includes fifteen chapters by different specialists who analyse the historical evolution of the monument and its significant religious, artistic and cultural value

On 19 November, the Basilica of Santa Maria in Igualada hosted the launch of the monographic book L'Església de Santa Maria d’Igualada, edited by María José Díez, Aïna Garcia and Àlvar Sáez, members of the History, Architecture and Design Consolidated Research Group at UIC Barcelona. In addition to the editors, Vic’s bishop, Romà Casanova, and the mayor of Igualada, Marc Castells, attended the launch.  

The book has been backed by the Vic Diocese in collaboration with Barcelona Provincial Council and Igualada City Council, and was published by Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat. The monograph features over 300 pages of analysis by various specialists, divided into fifteen chapters, who have carried out a chronological review of the building’s more than one thousand years of history, highlighting the most important artistic features and providing the reader with the most up-to-date findings and insights. Each chapter has been illustrated with archival images and new photographic material provided by photographer Pepo Segura. 

L'Església de Santa Maria d’Igualada is the third volume in a collection dedicated to outstanding buildings of the Vic Diocese, which began with a monograph on Sant Joan de les Abadesses Monastery, followed by a book on Sant Pere de Vic Cathedral. 

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