Ten UIC Barcelona researchers, among the most influential in the world

Ten UIC Barcelona researchers have been listed in Stanford University's prestigious World Ranking of Scientist, Top 2%, which includes nearly 200,000 scientists from 26 different areas. A total of 3,711 of those chosen are from Spain. The ranking list, which is published in the Elsevier journal, was prepared using various parameters, such as the number of indexed publications, citations received, h-index, co-authorship and a composite indicator (score).

Four UIC Barcelona researchers on this ranking list belong to the Faculty of Dentistry: Alberto Monje Correa, lecturer for the Area of Periodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry; Federico José Hernández-Alfaro, full professor and head of the Area of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; José Nart Molina, head of the Area of Periodontics; and Conrado Aparicio, full professor in the area of Research.

Three researchers on the ranking list belong to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences: Ramon Grimalt Santacana; María Teresa Fernández-Figueras; and Mercè Boada Rovira, medical director of the ACE Foundation, linked to UIC Barcelona.

Román Pérez and Xavier Gil, professors in the Department of Basic Sciences and members of the Bioengineering Institute of Technology (BIT), are also included in the ranking. Both have received this recognition for the impact of their publications on biomaterials for tissue regeneration.

And one researcher on the ranking list belongs to the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture: Lorenzo Chelleri, assistant lecturer and researcher.

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