UIC Barcelona, among the 15 top Spanish universities and fifth in the field of Architecture

According to the CYD 2022 ranking published on Wednesday, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is among the 15 best Spanish universities, due to its high number of good performance metrics. UIC Barcelona occupies the tenth position of 79 universities and once again draws attention to the contribution to regional development that the university provides, alongside the universities of Malaga, La Laguna, Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Martir and Mondragon Unibersitatea

In this ninth edition of the CYD, UIC Barcelona has achieved fifth position in the field of Architecture, due to its elevated number of high performance metrics. With regards to international orientation, it stands out in second position, behind Ramon Llull University. Thirty of the 46 universities that offer face-to-face degree and master's degrees in Architecture in Spain were included in the new Architecture category.

This year, the CYD ranking has continued to grow. 79 Spanish universities, 28 fields of knowledge–including the new Architecture category–and 3,052 degrees were included. Participating universities represent 94% of the 84 centres teaching bachelor’s degree courses that are included in the Register of Universities, Centres and Qualifications. Of these universities, 48 are public and 31 are private.

The CYD Foundation ranking is a tool that allows to measure and compare the quality of the Spanish university system through the analysis of different metrics, classified by performance groups and categorised into six areas: teaching and learning; research; knowledge transfer; international orientation; contribution to regional development and labour insertion.

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UIC Barcelona Statistical Data and Rankings Office aims to measure the performance of the different dimensions that make up the University through data and evidence, which allow it to be made visible such a national as international level through the social impact produced by the rankings and listings.