UIC Barcelona Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, the first private degree programme in Spain to obtain international accreditation from the WFME

UIC Barcelona has just become the first private university in Spain to obtain this international accreditation, which has also been awarded to the University of Girona, as a public university. This accreditation was issued by AQU Catalunya (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency) in conjunction with the WFME (World Federation of Medical Education), which establishes and certifies global standards for medical education in agreement with the WHO and the World Medical Association. It was announced today at AQU Catalunya’s commemorative event, held in celebration of its 25th anniversary

The UIC Barcelona Bachelor's Degree in Medicine has achieved accreditation from the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), making UIC Barcelona the first private university in Spain to obtain this seal of international quality. The announcement was made today at the AQU Catalunya commemorative event, held in celebration of its 25th anniversary, at which it also revealed that the University of Girona is another recipient of this accreditation. 

During the event, AQU Catalunya president, Josep Joan Moreso, presented the official accreditation diploma to the rector of UIC Barcelona, Dr. Alfonso Méndiz, who was accompanied by the Vice-Rector for Planning and Quality, Dr Frederic Marimon; the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr Albert Balaguer, and the director of the Educational Innovation and Quality Service, M. Jesús Castel. 

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This accreditation will allow medical students from UIC Barcelona to access the specialisation process or work in the USA from 2024, at which time a regulatory change is planned that will prevent doctors from non-accredited faculties from being recognised in that country. In addition, this international seal will help UIC Barcelona medicine graduates to gain worldwide recognition as well as work internationally.

The accreditation process, which has been under way for over a year, involved a detailed review of key aspects such as the quality of the programme, teaching staff, teaching methodologies, as well as the results obtained by students. As part of this evaluation, the WFME’s International Committee was also able to ascertain the quality of the facilities on the Sant Cugat Campus and the healthcare centres that host students for their clinical work placements. Students, graduates, teaching staff, administrative staff, government and employers (healthcare centre managers) were all involved in the process; overall, about 200 people. 

Following this evaluation, AQU Catalunya also achieved ‘Recognition Status’, making it the first Spanish agency to achieve this distinction, and the fifth in Europe. ‘Recognition Status’ certifies an independent, transparent, and rigorous method to ensure that the accreditation of faculties and schools of medicine around the world reaches a high standard and is recognised at an international level. 

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