The UIC Barcelona Equality and Inclusion Unit participates in the 10th Xarxa Vives Forum on Gender Equality

Consuelo León, director of the Family Policies Observatory and head of the University’s Equality and Inclusion Unit, participated in one of the round table discussions at the meeting held 15-16 December in Valencia and in which nineteen universities participated 

The forum, organised this year by the Universitat de València, aimed to discuss the most appropriate initiatives to improve equality between men and women in universities.

The meeting included several sessions and round table discussions in which different resources were presented: awareness-raising actions, research projects and good practices on equality policies in universities, and building healthy relationships.

Consuelo León presented an analysis of course guides based on gender perspective understood as equal opportunities according to the EU Gender Equality Index (GEI). Speakers from the Universitat de València, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the University of Granada also participated in this round table discussion. They discussed different outcomes of research projects, the difficulties in the implementing plans and protocols, the future law on university coexistence and the hot topics in the classroom, this time related to addictions and social networks. There was also a session on the current legal framework and the implications in the calls for competitive projects.

The Xarxa Vives (XVU) Gender Equality Work Group, constituted as such in 2013, presented the results of the annual plan and the new actions planned for the 2022-2023 academic year.

See the full program of the 10th Forum.