UIC Barcelona makes its first appearance as a transparent university in a ranking compiled by the Commitment and Transparency Foundation

The university is the fourth most transparent university among the 26 private university institutions in Spain included in the analysis, jumping 11 places compared with last year’s results.

For the past nine consecutive years, the Commitment and Transparency Foundation (FCyT) has released the results of the report “Transparency Ranking 2019 ”, a ranking that aims to encourage good governance, transparency, declaration of accounts and social impact at universities.

The FCyT has conducted the study by analysing relevant data available on their website’s transparency portal.  They have followed four criteria in order to assess the content: visible information, accessible information, updated information and information integrity.

A total of 49 public and 26 private universities have taken part in this year’s ranking, which have all been studied on the basis of 10 areas and 27 indicators.

As such, UIC Barcelona has been ranked in the Transparency category for the first time and has placed fourth among the 26 private institutions, jumping 11 places compared with last year’s results.

The institution has excelled according to indicators in the areas relating to personnel (and teaching and research staff), dependent bodies, supply and demand and financial data.

Download the full report here
Results of the ranking of private universities