UIC Barcelona obtains the t***seal of greater transparency on the web, according to the Haz Foundation

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) is one of the most transparent universities among the 26 private Spanish universities, according to the Haz Foundation website transparency report.

In the 2023 HAZ Foundation transparency exam, UIC Barcelona is the only private university to obtain a total score of 50 points, which corresponds to 100% compliance of the 25 indicators that evaluate voluntary transparency on the web of private universities, making it visible and accessible to all stakeholders in a comprehensive and up-to-date manner. These results mean that UIC Barcelona has obtained the university seal of transparency in the category of T for Transparent ***, which is granted to institutions that have obtained between 45 and 50 points (90% to 100% compliance).

In recent years, UIC Barcelona has maintained continuous progress towards reaching the highest score. In 2018 it obtained 30 points, being qualified as translucent and in 2019 it reached 41 points, moving to the category of a transparent university. In this last edition UIC Barcelona has retained its position compared to the previous edition, complying with 100% of the 25 indicators.