UIC Barcelona is once again in the top 10 universities in terms of MIR exam pass rates

All the graduates of UIC Barcelona’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences who took the 2024 MIR exam scored above its cut-off mark

As data published by the Spanish Ministry of Health’s Specialised Healthcare Training Management Service show, every single one of the doctors who graduated from UIC Barcelona and took the 2024 MIR exam passed it. In Spain, postgraduate doctors are required to successfully complete the MIR exam to be eligible to train as specialists, and this year’s results rank UIC Barcelona among the country’s leading universities as far as pass rates are concerned.

In 2024, 11,755 medical professionals passed the MIR exam to have a chance of obtaining one of the 8,772 training places available, and 12% of those who graduated from UIC Barcelona were among the 1,000 highest-scoring candidates. Dr. Esther Calbo, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, declared herself “very satisfied” with the excellent standard upheld by the 10 classes of doctors who have graduated from UIC Barcelona. “They reflect the hard work of the students and the highly demanding approach of the teaching staff,” she said.

UIC Barcelona graduates have a mean MIR exam pass rate of 98.6%, the highest in Spain in the last 10 years. The data also show UIC Barcelona to be the Spanish university with the greatest consistency in terms of the indicator in question. “Together with other indicators, the results obtained in the different annual MIR exams are testament to the high level attained through UIC Barcelona’s methodology, which focuses on providing future doctors with holistic training and developing their cross-disciplinary skills”, affirmed Calbo.

In 2022, UIC Barcelona became the first private university in Spain to receive World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) accreditation, in recognition of the exacting standards and educational quality of its medical training programmes.

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