UIC Barcelona participates in preparing a list of recommendations on the responsible use of screens

The Platform for Media Education (PEM), in a project led by the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia (CAC), has presented a guide of pedagogical recommendations for the responsible use of screens from early childhood to adulthood. Marta Narberhaus, lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, has participated on behalf of UIC Barcelona

The preparation of the guidelines was reflected in a series of infographics that highlight the key factors. The main messages of the recommendations are from a pedagogical point of view and are essential when teaching about the digital literacy that the PEM makes available to families, the educational community and society in general.

This project was developed during the 2022-2023 academic year by the working group coordinated by Miquel Angel Prats, Blanquerna-Ramon Llull University, with the participation of Alba Castellví, expert and trainer in media literacy; Monica Figueras of the Pompeu Fabra University; Sara Malo from the University of Girona; Diego Muñoz from the Cooperative ACTU; and Marta Narberhaus, lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at UIC Barcelona.

The list of recommendations represented in the infographics promotes general and specific advice for various age groups. The project is directed from early childhood to adulthood, within family, leisure and educational settings. The guide is focused on the aspect of positive pedagogy and emphasises digital accompaniment.

The conceptual framework of the project arises from the fact that technologies are not intrinsically harmful but must be understood as an opportunity. According to the study, it is essential to integrate them carefully and responsably into education and family life, always with good digital support. Providing an active and constant relationship with recognised criteria in the use of screens and establishing limits is essential to achieve the goal of digital literacy.