UIC Barcelona receives the transparency seal certifying UIC as a 100% transparent university, according to the Haz Foundation [Fundación Haz]

UIC Barcelona is among the most transparent universities of all Spanish private universities, according to the transparency report on the Fundación Haz. According to the 2021 transparency report, UIC has been awarded the T*** transparency seal after obtaining 50 points, which is the maximum score in the 25 transparency evaluation indicators for private universities. Therefore, UIC Barcelona ranks first among the 26 private Spanish universities.

These results allowed UIC to obtain the transparency seal for universities in the three-star “t for transparent” modality, which is awarded to the institutions that obtain between 45 and 50 points (90% to 100% compliance).

In recent years, UIC has continued to steadily progress and obtain the maximum rating. In 2018, it obtained 30 points, certifying it as “translucent”; in 2019, it obtained 41 points, placing it in the “transparent university” category. In the most recent 2021 edition, UIC Barcelona managed 100% compliance with the 25 indicators and has become a 100% transparent university.