UIC Barcelona’s Sportcademic project, selected in the call made by a blockchain platform from among more than 150 proposals from around the world

The initiative, led by Pablo Agnese, lecturer for the UIC Barcelona Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, is the only proposal from an academic institution and aims to continue bringing this technology closer to the university

UIC Barcelona’s Sportcademic project was one of the projects selected in the most recent call from the Stellar Blockchain platform, one of the first and most recognised decentralised computers networks that verifies transactions. The initiative, led by Pablo Agnese with the support of the UIC Barcelona team members Laura Rubio and Frédéric Van Dyck being the only team from an academic institution, is based on “motivating, funding, registering, certifying and monitoring the academic and sports career of these up-and-coming athletes.”
“We have been working on this entrepreneurial proposal for some time and adjusting the project to be appealing in different calls. It is a real privilege to have been selected by one of the game-changing and most recognised platforms in the sector,” Pablo Agnese said, acknowledging the work involved in the project up to this point.
Being selected has allowed the Sportcademic team to participate in the bootcamp organised by Stellar Blockchain, a virtual space where the team has continued to work on the project and interacted with other professionals in the sector: “It has been a wonderful experience. An intense week of training and education in which we were under pressure to bring out the best in us and produce our project demo, as a product demonstration”, UIC Barcelona lecturer explained.
The Sportcademic team continues to work on this project with the aim of bringing blockchain technology closer to the university and entrepreneurship.