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Clinical Pratice Implants

Clinical Pratice Implants
Main language of instruction: English

Other languages of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Teaching staff

Thursday from 14:00h-19:00h


The students implement, on patients , the knowledge acquired during the lectures on surgical - implant treatment.

Pre-course requirements

  Degree in Dentistry Student of Master en Periodoncia at UIC English proficiency


The aim of this course is to provide students the skills to perform implant surgeries in :  - Posterior Areas. - Anterior Areas .  - Areas with horizontal bone defects.  - Areas with vertical bone defects.  Another aim is to transmit the knowledge to perform bone augmentation procedures and soft tissue .


Provide students with the skills to perform the diagnostic and surgical techniques of implant treatment.  


  1. Diagnosis in implant therapy.


1.1.      Extraoral examination.

1.2.      Intraoral examination.

1.3.      Periodontal evaluation.

1.4.      Perimplant evaluation.

1.5.      Occlusal evaluation.

1.6.      Assessment of restorative space.

1.7.      Evaluation of edentulous spaces.

1.8.      Making diagnostic wax.

1.9.      Making radiological guide.

1.10.    Radiological analysis.

1.11.    Periapical radiographs.

1.12.    Orthopantomography.

1.13.    Cbct (cone beam computed tomography).

1.14.    Making surgical guide.


  1. Implant treatment.


2.1.  Standard surgical protocol.

2.2.  Single implant in posterior area.

2.3.  Single implant in anterior area.

2.4.  Multiple implants in posterior area.

2.5.  Multiple implants in anterior area.

2.6.  Multiple implants in totally edentulous patients.

2.7.  Guided implant surgery.

2.8.  Bone augmentation techniques.

2.8.1.    Guided bone regeneration.

2.8.2.    Bone grafts.

2.8.3.    Sinus floor lift.

2.8.4.    Sinus floor lift (osteotomes technique).

2.9.  Periimplant soft tissue management.

2.9.1.    Connective tissue graft.

2.9.2.    Free gingival graft.

2.9.3.    Inlay technique.

2.9.4.    Onlay technique.

2.9.5.    Pouch technique.

2.9.6.    Roll technique.

2.10.        Periimplantitis.

2.10.1. Surgical treatment of periimplantitis.     Resective therapy.     Regenerative therapy.

2.11.        Implant maintenance.

Teaching and learning activities

In person

Total of hours: 1040


Thursday from 19:00 – 14:00